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At IMOS, we offer thought-provoking and challenging ideas to stimulate and exercise the mind

...which is why most people will find this website deeply offensive!

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The Dark Arts of Genius
Here is Wosdom
Seeking Wosdom
Pearls of Wosdom
Wosdom Teeth
Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files
Freedom vs Islam
Savile and the Loss of Innocence
Thoughts from the Broken Society
An Intelligent Life
A Young Intellectual's Guide to Freedom
Introduction to Economics
Whatever Happened to the Life of Leisure?
Beyond Brexit
The Case for a Basic Income
Bullshit Time: The Myths and Nonsense of Panel Show Economics
The Education of a Poker Player

Kall and Dave
'Kall and Dave' - our thought-provoking comic series.

Project Einstein
Project Einstein

Lilly Libtard
The Adventures of
Lilly Libtard.

IMOS Intelligence Test
Our very simple
Intelligence Test.

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