About IMOS

At IMOS, we offer thought-provoking ideas and resources to challenge people to develop their intellectual skills, ditch mindless political-correctness and help build a better society.

For example, these resources are for people who appreciate stimulating thought-exercises and don't mind taking the risk of being incredibly offended:

The Dark Arts of Genius

Here is Wosdom

Seeking Wosdom

Pearls of Wosdom

Wosdom Teeth

Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files


Freedom vs Islam

Savile and the Loss of Innocence

Thoughts from the Broken Society

An Intelligent Life

These resources are aimed more at young intellectuals:

A Young Intellectual's Guide to Freedom


We also have a range of resources concerned with how we can build a fairer and more successful economy - one focused on serving people, rather than corporations or governments:

Introduction to Economics

Whatever Happened to the Life-of-Leisure

Beyond Brexit

The Case for a Basic Income

Bullshit Time: The Myths and Nonsense of Panel Show Economics

We have a thought-provoking comic series:

Kall and Dave

We have the adventures of Lilly Libtard:

Lilly Libtard

We have a very helpful intelligence test:

The IMOS Intelligence Test

And because I'm a big poker fan, we also have this:

The Education of a Poker Player

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Other Links:

IMOS also provides Courses and Specialist Tuition for gifted students.

We have a fundraising Film Club

...and an Art Department

And if you'd like to learn more about our work and about how you can help us, please visit our About IMOS page.