The Case for a Basic Income

The idea of introducing a Basic Income system is, for many people, a very appealing idea. It simply involves paying every citizen a fixed, non-means-tested amount every week, sufficient to pay for essentials. The potential advantages of such a system are enormous. Basic Income could replace a wide range of existing means-tested benefits and result in a massive reduction in bureaucracy, huge cost-savings and greatly improved economic incentives. And it would be a kinder, more civilised way to help people out of poverty.

Unfortunately, debates about Basic Income are often quickly closed down by criticisms that rely on false or misleading assertions - and which often arise out of a lack of understanding of some fairly basic economics.

This book aims to expose the flaws in these criticisms and explain, in plain English, the huge potential benefits of a Basic Income system, how it could easily be afforded and how it might best be introduced.

The opportunity to introduce a Basic Income is a fantastic opportunity to transform our society for the better. It is an opportunity we should consider most carefully.

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