Courses and Private Tuition for Gifted Students

To make the most of their potential, gifted young people may well need specialist tuition.

Whilst most schools claim to make provision for gifted students, they simply don't have the expertise or the will to provide the specialist tuition that gifted students need. Often, their provision is worse than useless - inadvertently discouraging students from developing the key thinking skills that are at the heart of exceptional intelligence.

The Ancient Greeks had a proven system for giving gifted children the education they needed. They simply sent them to study under the guidance of a skilled philosophy - a specialist in intelligent thinking. Thanks to gross stupidity, however, this proven system has fallen out of favour.

But if your son or daughter has the potential for exceptional intelligence, IMOS is here to help.

Your child doesn't need to have been identified as 'gifted' by their school. They just need to be inquisitive, determined, reliable, open-minded and genuinely interested in exploring their intellectual potential.

If you'd like to know more about the courses and tuition IMOS can provide (in person and online), please contact me, Robert Jameson, at the following address:

Please do not let money concerns put you off. An initial assessment is provided free of charge. And thanks to the support of our patrons, further financial support is available for those who need it.

We look forward to hearing from you!