About IMOS

The great philosopher, Socrates, urged us all to be thoughtful; to carefully examine our lives, our beliefs, our principles, our actions and our ideas. As individuals and as a society, we far too often fail to follow this good advice. We fail to properly scrutinise what we say, do and believe by using the intellectual capacities at our disposal.

IMOS provides books, articles, videos, podcasts and courses to encourage people to develop their thinking skills and to explore ideas for building a kinder, more successful, more thoughtful society, less dominated by prejudice.

The work of IMOS is inherently linked to the cause of freedom. The freedom to think for ourselves is one of the most important freedoms of all - and if we do not intelligently question what we are told by other people and by the state, we can never truly be free.

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We do important work here - and any support you can offer would be hugely appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Jameson, founder of IMOS

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