Katie Anne Remington

Katie Anne Remington

Hello and welcome to my little webpage - provided by those lovely people at IMOS.org.uk. Although, to be fair, I did do some great book covers for them - so they kind of owe me!

The Case for a Basic Income

For those who don't yet know, I'm a developing artist with a particular love for manga-style art, created mainly on Inkscape. Besides book covers, I'm also the artist behind the 'Kall and Dave' series..

Kall and Dave

..and I'm the creator of the Outpost 12 characters and I have loads of other projects in the works, but not yet ready for release.






My Outpost 12 characters - Travis, Garth, Vivian, Terri and Leona - all feature in this book of mine:

The Girls of Outpost 12: A Manga Colouring Book

It's available right now from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. If you know anyone who enjoys colouring, please buy them a copy and help to support my work. All support is very much appreciated!

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