Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files

Sex might be the ultimate secret of genius - and you can help prove it!

In order to help people improve their thinking capabilities, I have written a number of books which challenge people to question the socially-acceptable attitudes and prejudices of the society in which they live.

My books cover many controversial issues - such as issues relating to gender, race, religion, crime, inequality and free speech. Perhaps none of them, however, are so consistently effective at stirring up emotions and prejudices as topics related to sex and sexuality.

And so I have compiled this book, which focuses exclusively on sex-related opinion pieces, as an aid to practising the skills of intelligent thinking.

If you can stomach, intellectually digest and rationally consider, without prejudice, the various politically-incorrect, provocative and potentially offensive ideas about sex put forward in this book, then you may well have what it takes to be a genius.

Why not dive straight into the deep end and read this sample chapter? (If you dare!):

Secrets of Genius:

The Sex Files

Warning: Many people would consider the contents of this book to be deeply offensive!


  Aren't tits great! No better playthings for men have ever been invented!
  "Oh my God - you can't say such things! It's degrading! It's treating women like sex objects!"
  My answer to that would be: Yes I can, no it isn't and so what? Tits are playthings for men! It's a fact! Of course, they are also extremely useful in feeding babies. However, unlike with other animals, a woman's breasts remain permanently inflated, even when not producing milk. There's a simple reason for this - ask an anthropologist! Breasts remain permanently inflated in order to attract men and keep them amused. Evolutionarily speaking, women puffed up their breasts precisely in order to make them into sex objects. It's rich for women to object when men are fascinated by their tits - because, most of the time at least, that's what their tits are there for!
  Remember Samantha Fox? She was 17 years old when she started doing Page Three - and, in those days, men were all allowed to drool over her Double-D cups without being thought of as paedophiles or perverts. Happy days!
  What could be healthier and more natural than appreciating the image of a smiling, wholesome-looking teenager with great tits? She wasn't being degraded - she was being admired! OK, so she wasn't being admired for winning a Nobel Prize in Physics! She was being admired for her unfailing ability to make men smile - and what's wrong with that?
  I wasn't yet 16 at the time, but nobody got arrested for allowing me to see the pictures! Nothing could be more appropriate (in the proper sense of the word) than a young teenager drooling over Sam Fox - and I didn't grow up to value women as nothing other than sex objects.
  I didn't grow up to be gay either! These days, we're constantly badgered to accept that two men arsing each other is a 'beautiful thing'! We're certainly not allowed to call them perverts - that's 'homophobic' apparently and against the law! At the same time, however, the PC brigade try to tell heterosexual men that we're the perverts if we start eyeing up pretty young things with great tits. They can fuck right off!
  It's old-school feminists and butch female middle-managers who complain about women being seen as sex objects - not out of principle, but because they're struggling to compete!
  They also want men's attention. They think men should fall head over heels for elbow-wielding, 'empowered' career women. They want us men to be impressed by their financial independence, their stroppy attitudes, their willingness to prostitute themselves to their careers and, presumably, by the chips on their shoulders!
  They want to change the rules so that younger, more attractive women don't have so much of an advantage over them. They imply that it is degrading for women to try to appeal to men by being attractive, sexy and feminine. They want to make out that it is somehow wrong for men to be attracted to youthful, bouncy breasts and come-to-bed eyes.
  They think we should be impressed, not by a perky young pair of tits to fondle, not by a nice smile and a flirty, feminine manner, but by charmless political-correctness that flies in the face of a million years of evolution. The thing is; why should we be?
  In any case, it's not liberating for women to have to conform to politically-correct ideas that 'empowerment' is all about having a career. They shouldn't be pressured to believe that to be respected, they have to give up their traditional feminine charms.
  There's nothing essentially degrading about a nubile young woman being seen as a sex object. What is perhaps degrading is for a woman to be seen as only a sex object - but if they are seen as only a sex object, whose fault is that? Women of the world - if you don't want men only being interested in your tits, try having something interesting and intelligent to say as well! If young, attractive women have something intelligent to say, but men still refuse to see past their tits, then they'll have a genuine complaint.
  If 'feminists' who object to men treating women as sex objects want to do something useful, they should complain about parents and schools who fail to bring up young women to be educated enough to be interesting for other reasons.
  Unfortunately, many of these self-appointed 'feminists' aren't very well-educated themselves. Bizarrely, they see women who sleep around, spread diseases and have casual abortions as 'liberated' whilst, at the same time, complaining about the innocent and harmless display of a pair of tits on Page Three.
  Frankly, the real problem is that a lot of women are not sexy and they're not intelligent either. The only thing they have to offer is that they are an easy lay. Now that is degrading!
  Women can be properly empowered by being educated and intelligent - but having a perky pair of tits is nothing to be ashamed of and it isn't degrading when men admire them.

- - - End of Sample - - -

I hope you enjoyed it and would like to read more!

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