Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files

Sex might be the ultimate secret of genius
- and you can help prove it!

In order to help people in their quest to improve their thinking capabilities, I have written a number of books which encourage people to consider controversial issues and provocative ideas. I challenge people to question the socially-acceptable attitudes and prejudices of the society in which they live.

My books cover many controversial issues - such as issues relating to gender, race, religion, ageism, animal rights, crime, justice, inequality, violence, slavery, war, free speech and euthanasia. Perhaps none of them, however, are so consistently effective at stirring up emotions and prejudices as topics related to sex and sexuality.

And so I have compiled this book, which focuses exclusively on sex-related opinion pieces, as an aid to practising the skills of intelligent thinking.

If you can stomach, intellectually digest and rationally consider, without prejudice, the various politically-incorrect, inappropriate, risque, socially-unacceptable, provocative and, some might say, offensive, disgusting or even despicable ideas about sex put forward in this book, then you may well have what it takes to be a genius.

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