An Intelligent Life

An unusual portrayal of a thoughtful, intelligent man appalled by the stupidity, conformism and arrogance of the people who habitually pass judgement upon him as he goes about his very necessary work. He rants to himself and ruminates on his disgust with the human species in general before deciding on a more targeted, fruitful, enjoyable and thoroughly violent course of action.

"I view most other people as lower lifeforms. This is not out of prejudice or out of arrogance, but out of experience. Not for a minute does this mean that I assume the worst and treat people badly from the outset. In fact, I make a point of treating people with the utmost decency, but I am not naive and I refuse to be blind or indifferent to the uncomfortable reality that most people are not intelligent, alert, thinking human beings. The intelligent, decent person is the very rare exception in the cesspit of human existence."

Warning: You might find this fiction book rather unsettling. It contains strong language and potentially offensive opinions throughout.

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